Finally, A Different Approach To Non-Profit Websites.

Build a non-profit website with features rich and powerful enough to fuel your growth but easy enough that you can manage it yourself, All at fraction of traditional cost.

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Accept Online Donations

To support your cause, it is crucial to have a seamless online donation process. Our solutions include a user-friendly donation page that is easily accessible from your website. This ensures a consistent brand experience and establishes trust with donors. You can also track donations and analyze giving patterns.

Hire Volunteers

Recruiting and managing volunteers is a vital aspect of expanding your nonprofit's reach. Our solutions include features that enable you to easily manage and recruit volunteers online. This includes creating a volunteer sign-up form and managing volunteer schedules. You can also communicate with volunteers effectively through our tools.

Collect emails

Collect emails from your website visitors, allowing you to stay in touch with your audience and keep them informed about your mission and activities. You can also segment your email list for targeted campaigns building a strong supporter base requires effective email collection. Our solutions include tools that help the young.

Keep your site safe and secure

Get a site that’s easy to manage and comes with built-in best practices. Make it longer and safe with our affordable maintenance packages that include Security & Speed Optimization, Mobile and tablet Optimization, Unlimited Website edits Website Updates, Website Backups and more.

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