Project Category: Branding

Steps Connect Job Portal Design & Development, is a flagship product by Steps Connect Ltd, is a pivotal platform dedicated to advancing development in African nations. As a social enterprise, it plays a crucial role by offering grant and funding opportunities, job listings, and essential resources for growth and progress.

Avega Clinic website design & Development

AVEGA, which stands for Association des Veuves du Genocide Agahozo, translates to the Association of Genocide Widows. Founded with a mission to support and empower widows, particularly those affected by the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, AVEGA was legally established through ministerial orders in 1995 and 2006.

Worldwide Explorers Web site Design and Development

world wide explorers is your trusted and reliable ground tour operator based in Kigali-Rwanda. We pride ourselves as a premier travel company in East Africa specializing in organizing unforgettable mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Volcanoes National Park and other wildlife safaris in Rwanda.