Avega agahozo website design & Development

AVEGA Agahozo

AVEGA, which stands for Association des Veuves du Genocide Agahozo, translates to the Association of Genocide Widows. Founded with a mission to support and empower widows, particularly those affected by the Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda, AVEGA was legally established through ministerial orders in 1995 and 2006.


Digital Strategy, Web + UX Design, Custom Web Functionality, Custom WordPress Development


Completed in 2024


One of the primary challenges encountered during the project was ensuring the inclusivity and accessibility of the digital platform for a diverse range of users, including widows, elderly individuals, and those with limited technological literacy. Addressing the varying needs and preferences of users while maintaining a user-friendly interface required careful consideration of design elements, navigation pathways, and accessibility features.

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